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This document applies to iMAG Release 1.1.

This page lets you start creating your new project and in case you already created one, you can access the list of the projects you are working on.

There are some buttons on the left side of the screen:

Dashboard - it is the start page of your App. It is visible at each phase of your project and lets you get back to the list of the created Apps.

User name - is the name of the person who is working at the project at this moment. In case you are not the admin of the page but a secondary user, you may not see all the functions available.

Projects - contains the list of the active projects. In this section you can choose the App you want to work on.

Users - In this section you can add other users to the project and/or assign a user to a project.

On the right side of the screen there is a Logout button, the flags that let you change the language and just beneath you can find

a New project button

If you access iMAG for the first time, you will automatically be displayed a step-by-step wizard that will allow you to start creating your first project.

You can choose the language, give a name to your project, insert the notes and soon choose a template you like best. At the end of the procedure, click “Save”.

If you already created your first project, you will be directed to its Home page. From now on, you can keep on working on your project and modify the content

you had inserted previously.

In case you have already started one or more projects, you will be directed to the control panel where you will find a list of your projects.

You will be able to choose from the list a project that you want to modify or complete.

The control panel lets you also to add new Users that can work on your project or to assign a User to a respective project.

Once you nominate and save your project, you are ready to insert your content, add audio and video files, maps and descriptions.

On the left side of the screen you can find the HELP button, which will give you access to the tutorial that will explain you how to proceed.

You can filter created projects by inserting at least first 3 digits in the search field.

Choose ChangeIcon.png to modify the project.

Choose DeleteIcon.png to remove the project. WARNING: the cancelled projects cannot be recovered.