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This document applies to iMAG Release 1.1.

Project structure

This is the place where by clicking onto RightArrowIcon.png you can insert the content of the Home App or able the buttons of the App menu bar.

The buttons you can able or disable in the App menu bar are: Info, Planim and Search.

The Info button brings to the page that contains some general information than you can customize. Normally there is info, such as: links, how to reach a location, credits, etc.

The Search button is connected to the search function that is automatically constructed with all the "form" objects that you inserted to the App.

The Planim button lets insert a planimetry (not a map), for instance: a planimetry of a museum, of an expo or exhibition.

The Home and Search buttons are always active and cannot be be disabled.

By clicking onto PhotoIcon.png you display all the icons PhotoOpen.png inserted in the directory with use of the File Manager. This way, you can customize the App menu bar.

Project bar


It shows you step by step at what level you are and you can use it to switch easily among different levels of the App you are creating.

File Manager


In the File Manager bar, you can find the button PlusIcon.png. Click onto it to display the structure of the directory where to inser the content of the App. Select one of the directories and drag & drop the files, the upload them. See how the File Managerworks.


It shows you all the main parameters of the project.




The list of versions you released and published.


You can enable or disable the languages at your disposal in the following panel:


In case you require a language that is not listed, please, send us a request through the Dashboard.

State bars


They display some of the markers that show the progress of the project.

Please note the importance of the marker named "Weight of the application". It highly influences the time of download of the App to the users' devices.

Publish application


Click here once you terminated the insertion of content and you want us to publish the App.

To do list


The "To do list" indicates the necessary steps to complete the App.

You will not be able to publish the App unless you complete the "To do list".

Click onto "Go to" to go to an incomplete task.